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Recovery Broadcasting Networks was founded in 2005 and is owned by a small group of folks who believe that what you hear on Recovery radio should inspire growth in Recovery and be as equally entertaining. Recovery Broadcasting Networks believes in carrying the message of true life, and true life stories of experience, strength, and hope.

The Recovery Broadcasting Networks idea began while working as a publisher on Recovery Times with in-depth discussions with many of the world class writers, well known broadcasters, and never to forget the associates already in the field. With the growing number of people using the vastness of the internet to seek solutions to their addictions we have felt the overwhelming need to make sure they find the right solutions by being exposed to those who have been exactly where they are now.

Recovery Broadcasting Networks wants to make sure that your voice is heard. When you speak we listen. When we listen to powerful voices of experience with sincere conviction we most assuredly feel the need to pass it on.

RBN reaches the world by the courtesy of this powerful tool called the Internet and we fully intend to reach the multitude of addicted folks out there no matter what the addiction. You will hear stories from a wide range of people from all walks of life, whose addiction has impacted their life.

Join today and be a host of your own Recovery Radio show and let Recovery Broadcasting Networks help you.





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