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Pre-Recorded Shows in MP3 Format Only ~ Live Streaming Services not available at this time.
Your MP3 will be converted to streaming flash audio for 24 a day 7 days a week listening.

Our services will provide you with a variety of options at a fair price for your pre-recorded shows. Your ability to pre-record your shows gives you the opportunity to create and edit your shows to perfection for your scheduled broadcast. We will provide your show(s) in streaming audio which will be available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

You only need to record and edit your shows and upload them to us in MP3 format which we will then setup on our broadcasting schedule list. We convert the MP3 format to a compressed higher quality flash file that is playable on any type of computer as long as flash player is installed which most all computers have these days. This eliminates the need to reach your audience through multiple media players such as RealOne, Windows Media, iTunes, Winamp, and others. You will be provided direct link access to play the show from your website to include local access in our show listings for your listeners from our site. We can provide a number of scheduling plans with a chosen time slot you provide. Even though your show may represent a chosen time slot your broadcast is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You just pick the day/date/time you want your next updated show to be available to your listeners. You can have as little as one show per month or up to one show per day for your listeners easy streaming access. (Arrangements can be made for plans not listed.)

Your active show is available in the shows playlist and the link to your website if one is provided. Shows are on a rotation basis per our free 5 show archiving package for you. All shows are removed from the server and replaced with your next available show unless you request to leave the existing show or you request archiving service for your shows. (See "Shows Archived") If you choose to have a archived list of your shows larger than the 5 provided available for streaming we provide additional archiving services.

Unlimited Simultaneous Listeners!

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Earn revenue with advertising on your show. You control your advertisers and the income you receive from your show to help support it.
*Advertising privileges are noted in the Broadcaster Agreement.

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Your shows would be setup and made available for streaming with the following plans:
Daily   Weekly   Bi-Weekly   Monthly *

Archived Shows

New 1 Hour Show   New 1 Hour Show   New 1 Hour Show   New 1 Hour Show   5 Included
Different Show Each Day   Different Each Week   Different Each 2 Weeks   Different Each Month   5 $15.00
$4.50 per day   $15.00 per week   $15.00 each 2 weeks   $18.00 per month   15 $25.00
$135.00 per month   $60.00 per month   $30.00 per month   $18.00 per month   25 $40.00
    *Adjust prices for additional Archiving

All above payment plans are accepted on Monthly Payments as described below

Discounted Annual Cost

$1500.00 per year
  $700.00 per year
  $340.00 per year
  $200.00 per year

*Adjust cost accordingly for selected monthly archiving package

NOTE: Special packages can be arranged.

Each plan will include an RBN webpage for you with your show and archives. The direct access link codes will also be provided for you to link your show(s) from your website.

Unlike other companies that charge you $1000.00 or more for a one time, one hour only live show and archive that one show only for 12 months, we give you a variety of discounted options for pre-recorded shows and your archived shows. Other sites limit the amount of listeners you can have. Not only will you be listed with a Recovery Only oriented website you will be receiving the discounted deals that should be made available to you for helping to carry the message of Recovery. We will beat their $1000.00 for one show for one year by giving you 1 pre-recorded show per day, every day for one year for $1000.00.

*Archived shows will run on the cycle of the package you choose. For example. If you choose to utilize the 5 free included archived shows, your cycle of archived shows will change after your sixth show has been completed. Your sixth show will replace your first archived show and so on.

*What do you need to get started?

A simple MP3 recording software, a microphone, and an hour. You can edit your software by mixing in music, interviews, and commercial advertising to help pay for your show. It is that simple.

*Please note that you must first have a computer or other device(s) with the capability to record MP3 sound. Other formats can be converted for you by us at an additional charge.


*Prices are subject to change

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