This page will guide you through the FTP upload process. NOTE: FileZilla is not required to upload via FTP. If you have a different FTP program and are familiar with using FTP programs then use only the information you need with this setup.

1.)  First make sure you have paid for an active account and received your upload account information with Recovery Broadcasting and you know your username and password.

2.)  Make sure you have downloaded and installed the FTP program "FileZilla" which is free or have a FTP program such as WS_FTP or the equivalent that you understand how to use. Download and Install Instructions Here.
NOTE: If you use a different program make sure to check the install instructions for FileZillia for pertinent settings information such as ftp address, port, etc.

3.)  Open the FTP program FileZilla or your FTP program located on your computer.

4.)  Make sure you have entered all your information to include your username and password correctly. If you are not sure go back to the tutorial here.

5.)  Select and upload the file (radio show) into the default directory on the server the FTP program logs into and then notify the web tech you have uploaded your file. This is to double insure we have been notified of the upload so it can be processed.

6.)  If you have any problems make sure to refer back to the tutorial before contacting the web tech.

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